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Name: Anthicus Zithna

Age: 21

Birthdate: May 18th

Gender: Male

Species: Karvis Dan

Nicknames: Anth, Anthers, "fluff-tuff"

Occupation: Student

Major(If applicable): Earth (Plant)

Favorite Colour: Blue-Green

Favorite Food: Salted Rice Cakes

Special Abilities: Earth magic, can summon a plant elemental by the name of "Jenny"

Best trait: Determined, Quick Witted

Worst trait
: Paranoid and obsessive
General Bio: Anthicus
Asking Anthicus about his past is one of the surefire ways to get him into a sulky tempermental state.  It's unknown the specific details as Anthicus himself won't discuss them, but one gets the hint pretty quickly that Anthicus and his family/race are not on the same page.  The Karvis Dan race in general is one of the more notorious races, be that they are a highly wealthy and influential group...but also elitist and very cruel when it comes to dealing with those outside their own kind.  There are a few stories of the Karvis Dan taking slaves and servants against ones will, and simply buying the judicial system out.  Because of this, Anthicus is not exactly the most trusted or well-liked race in the Academy despite his outward determination not to be put in the same category as those of his race. How Anthicus came to be a student himself at the Academy is a mystery, but considering Anthicus' paranoia, it would be assumed that even he is aware of strings attached to this agreement.

Anthicus' personality seems to be conflicted in that while he strives to prove he is unlike his family and race, he seems himself unconvinced of it and as such is often paranoid of how he and others react.  Anthicus also has issues with trust, even with those he considers close friends.  It often seems that the more he cares about someone, the more manic his actions become: one minute he'll be overprotective then the next he'll be trying to push them away.  For the most part though Anthicus is really good at putting a cheerful and supportive facade, though more often than not he can be found alone sulking in his room.

Physical Aspects:

Anthicus' tail is actually one of the stronger muscles in his body, with the ability to support his weight and wrap around things. This is offset though by the extreme fluffyness...and Anthicus and static have never been the best of friends. The lens in front of Anthicus' eyes are designed specifically for him. They move where his eyes look,  turn off when his eyes are closed, and offer things such as zoom, nightvision, and even the option to record information into them. As such he's not allowed to have them on during tests.

Funky Fun Facts:
Anthicus is one of the richer characters in the Academy. As such he's got a dorm-room which is almost the size of some of the dorm-floors in the Academy.
The Karvis Dan females have horns.
Karvis Dan's reaction to sweet foods is the equivalent to a person's reaction to bitter foods. As such they prefer salted snacks over sweet ones.
The Karvis Dan race almost faced extinction at one time...as such they are on a strict regiment in terms of repopulation. Anthicus himself is betrothed as well as expected to have a child with a completly different female. This is one of the other ways one can really cause Anthicus to go into a sulk.
As one can guess, Anthicus really hates getting wet by surprise.
Known Affiliates:

Art by Me:

Done in the year 2005
Clue Green: Anthicus as Mr. Green with a lead pipe and seeming sorta smug about it.
Possessed: Anthicus being a little not himself thanks to a bad dose of magic.

Done in the year 2004
Feed Me: Another plant summon by Anthicus, this time though a simpler critter...sorta
Anthicus' family: A family shot of Anthicus and his family.  He's not a real joy to photograph.

Done in the year 2003
Anthicus Bust: Just a headshot of Anthicus and me fiddling around with designs and sketches
Anthicus Pirate: Part of the historic series has Anthicus dressed as a Privateer. Smug aint he?
Casual Elementals: Jenny picking on Anthicus in a casual conversation between the two.

Done in the year 2002
Lenore: Anthicus' youngest sister Lenore and her pet/toy "kitty"
Jenny Summon: Anthicus' Earth spell for the spell series.  His summoning of the Plant Elemental named Jenny.
Anthicus Bishou: Anthicus looking rather bishie for once...at least I think so. Trippy background.
Anthicus Casual: Anthicus casting a minor plant spell.
Old Profile: Another old profile image, this one with stats.

Art by Others:
OOC: A hilarious little strip(guest starring Dan) of a very Out of Character Boko and Anthicus, done by Tailsteak.
Kata: Anthicus done in a very unique style.  Reminds me of those paper cutouts.  Most keen.
"Must you make every day a new source of difficulty?!   -Anthicus"