Take Me Back!
Archive #2

AKA:  The old and not-so-good.
All the art here is from late 2000 to late 2001. The oldest art is at the bottom while the newest stuff is at the top.
Spoiler: A preview of an upcoming project I'm working on.

Niedeck: A girraffe centaur drawn for all you centaur fans out there. :P

Merle: The jackel goddess, Merle Anubis, from the Egyptian pic.

Shroom: I was just in the mood to draw something new and different.

Frog Girl: Drawn thanks to the inspired idea of Tavorna.  Fun character, I might draw her more...

Nalia: The cobra femme of the Egyptian groupshot, brought back by popular demand.

Egyptians: Lots of Egyptian furries, can you name all the species?

Dragonish: I rarely draw dragons, mainly because of the scales details.  Mab added for color.

Carol: Another time I didnt want to draw common species, Carol is a cockroach, (evil laughter)

Scorpian Girl: No name, just felt like drawing a species that doesnt get any art done on them. 

Mermaid: Me and some friends were debating on how mermaids werent scientific so I doodled this up.

Ying Yang: A small yet nice dragon graphic symbolizing the harmonious balance..blah blah blah...Peh.  I just wanted to draw dragons in a ying yang, nuff said.  ^-^

Quiev: Another Arachnicadian, I have too much fun making these I think.  ^_^

Tigaro: A nice tiger-guy, one of the best guys I've drawn in a long while.  Lots of new stuff added to the fray in artstyling

May: Call her a fox once and she'll laugh, call her a fox twice and you will wake up two weeks later in traction wondering what happend. :p

Theorus: The Egyptian Goddess of Fertility and Motherhood.