Take Me Back!
Archive 2B

AKA:  Other people's characters in a slightly older time...
All the art here is from late 2000 to late 2001. The oldest art is at the bottom while the newest stuff is at the top.
Takeshi666: A random drawing of a DT boardie.  Heyena's are fun!  :3

Tawamaru: A zany tiger/gerbil in an oriental outfit.

Mzzkitti: The star of the great comic Freighter Tails.

Moonstone: A full-fledged spider character drawn for their player. (arachnaphobes beware)

Fink Bunny: Drawn as a gift for a friend,  the bunny known as Fink.

Lady Kam: A pic for a friend, Kam hunting in the traditional coyote fashion.

Cerulean: My half of an Art Exchange, this is the way cool water-spider Cerulean

DirtyDoggie: A picture done via request for DirtyDoggie

Rynn and Keeso Dancing: A birthday present for my friend Rynn.  ^_^

Kali: Another revised character, proof that either my art is improving or my standards are lowering! Fear her evil cuteness. :P

Rozy (revised): The old Rozy was terrible to my now standards so I redrew her and her mini charizard Ember.  And I think it looks about 10000000x better though her arms might be too toony.

Yoiko:    A request that took a long time to make, luckily Yoiko was a patient person to put up with me.  The first picture I've colored in the two tone style.

Oola: My favorite Star Wars character, I used to think she was so pretty when I was a little girl.  Never was happy that she died. 

Lady Kam: I drew this in an art swap with Lady Kam.  My first time drawing my own scenery and props!  ^_^

Axl: Another Art swap, this time with Meg-Chan(her site is in my links page) First time I tried to draw a mortercycle...and it shows.  >.<

HollyAnn: Second time I ever tried to do a spell-casting picture, turned out about 1000x better than the first spell one.   Also made it a portrait chibi combo, something I think I'll do in the future.

Peach Blossom: A character of Megs.  I wanted to draw her since I saw her desc, not everyday you get to draw an armadillo.  I kinda like it for my first try. :p

Kute: Not a goddess of anything, but dressed in Egyptian garb, is Mab's half sister Kute.