Take Me Back!
Archive 3:

AKA:  Art of 2001-2002...bleh
All the art here is from late 2001 to August 29 2002. 

As you can see, I didnt draw a lot of my own misc. characters this year.
Kikukaku: A character drawn based off a dream I had.  Pretty fun.

Pezagayote: The main/only healing instrutor at the White Mage Acadamy.

Zen: A marker character that I sketched at random.  Fun, but markers are evil.

Carol 2: A revised pic of Carol Roach, just cause I can. She's a cute char in my mind.

Theoris: My favorite Egyptian Diety, Theoris the hippo.  She's keen to me.

Dragonesqu: I messed up on somethings, but one can expect to see more of this dragon sometime.  I dont think I'll ever get dragon-drawing right. X_X

Quiev: A revision of another Arachnicadian, the assassin/bounty hunter Quiev.

Mad Ann: My Vampire the Masquerade character: the Malkavian Ann.

May(revised): A recent revision on May, one of my older characters. her personality looks a lot better now, and she is much better proportioned than first time I drew her.
More to come:  just not on this page