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Archive 3B:

AKA:  Art for others of 2001-2002...bleh
All the art here is for others and from late 2001 to August 29 2002. 

All the characters here unless stated otherwise belong to other people and are the creative property of their owners.  All I can dib on is the art itself and take no credit for the actual characters.
GPride: Via request, a picture for Sean.  I cant draw otters...they look like kangaroos. O_o

Cesilee: A gift art I did for Tiffanny Ross cause her characters are incredable and I like them.

Otter1: The first in a series of mini-otter pics I'm doing for someone.

Stephy: Another person's Sphinx character!  Power to the sphinx!  We need more sphinxes!

Pixie Fox: A gift pic to Pixie Fox.  I'm so terrible with foxes, but overall its a nice soft pic.

Malenta: J. Ratte's mantis character in marker.  It was fun, though markers are evil

Draehen: A cockatrice morph, definetly a fun picture.  Mythological creatures are great.

Akita: A gift to Amanda Allen cause I like jester-based characters.  Jesters are nifty...

Evion: A pic for Evion, cause the old one really sucked badly.  Guest-star Mikelo.

Wertle: Gift for Wertle, cause I felt I owed her a piccy.  Purple dragons nifty. :3

Tet: Cute Egyptians stuck in modern time.  One of my favorite J. Ratte characters

Tabby: I keep forgetting the name of this character...gah I gotta stop doing that.  Fun pic though, it was a gift.

Markal/Miya: A huggle-whoomp picture done for a friend in exchange.  I like this one.

Mechior: A gift for Neonhevean after he was nice enough to draw a pic for me.

White Angel: A gift to a friend from the TMNT MIRC channel.

Crushed: Another SMT gift, this time of Crushed and her teamates in a groupshot.

Scorpianish: Another of J. Ratte's characters.  Up with bug-morphs!  Power to the insects!!

Kyarorin: My half of an exchange.  Dark body-suited fun.

Zephyr: The ever-grand Furfire character Zephyr.  Drawn as a gift, mostly cause I wanted to draw him.

Kokoro: A gift to a friend on the message board I hang out at.  Cute bunny girl.

Razor Dragon: A gift to Razor,  beware, the clashing colours might blind you. :p

Sunflower: A SMT gift-art of one of my favorite characters: Sunflower.

Fantasy: An exchange with Blue Fantasy of her cute character.  Soft lines.  :3

Locke: Exchange image I did of Mandy's character Locke.  I should draw more humans.

Yuffie: Yes, and actual fan-art of something syndicated! My fav FF7 char, Yuffie.

Shiyala: A long overdue request for a squirrelish girl.

Goth Kitty: Art exchange!  My half being a chibied up Goth Kitty!  Cute and fun!

Michael Black: The sekzy(sekzy!  wooo!) Michael done via request.  ^_~

Tannie: My half of an art exchange with the talanted Alicia Corke, its her char Tannie.

Chris Foxfire: A gift for a good friend of mine.  Lots of fire spells.  Chris rules!

AryRicken: Its a ricken! (chicken/rabbit)  One of the coolest characters I ever got to draw in an art exchange,  ph34r the ricken....

PsycoDragon: Art exchange with the talanted Psycodragon.  She probably is the first dragon I've drawn that actually wasnt suppose to have wings. Fun nonetheless. ^_^

Kytiara: Kytiara requested this piccy and her char was so nifty I couldnt refuse.

Reg: An art exchange.  For my half I drew the green vulpine Reg. :3

Pink: Pink is probably one of the spiffiest amazon chars around, so I couldnt resist drawing her.

Eej: A funky picture of a friend who gave me no desc save for spikey hair, blue lizardish with a human nose.

Quartermain: A gift done by the request of Quartermain of his character.

Jeff: The cutest lizard char Jeff In an actiony pose wearing nothing but a grin. (whoo!)

BMB: A gift art I did for Boy Meets Boy, a comic I like to read.

Dragonesqu: I messed up on somethings, but one can expect to see more of this dragon sometime.  I dont think I'll ever get dragon-drawing right. X_X

Evion: The nifty fox Evion.  I dont know why I added the glow, but its pretty on the eyes.

Kazumi and Mikka: Both pictures done for Cyyuen of his characters.(Mikka could almost be Mikelo's lost twin :p)

Aliyka: After months of slack, the long due picture of Aliyka I promised her. :p

Savrin: My half of an art exchange with Silverfox of her character Savrin

Tailsteak: Creator of 1/0, the zany lizardman Tailsteak and his cast of characters.

Guinneviere: A silly picture of Guinnevier Koopa, friend on a message board.

Shasma: A white tigress named Shasma, done for Tanysha.

Grace: A picture exchange with Chalipo of his antelope girl Grace.

Satoubara: An exchange pic with Megan/Axl, the treasure hunter Sataoubara.

Rad: Another older pic I found...a fan-art of Rad from Cyantian Chronicles.

Baby Dragons: Actually and older pic...I just found it and posted it. Cute draggies. :D

Gab/Adam: Gabriel and Adam(and their cat) from Trials and Trivialations.

Psonyk: A picture I did for Dark Tapai, I need to work on the Sonic Hedghog style. :/

Hevdra: Drawn for a friend, its a cross between a fox and a dragon.
More to come:  just not on this page