Take Me Back!
Archive 4:

AKA:  Remotely decent artwork...but probably not.
All the art here is from August 29 2002  to September 19 2004 of my stuff. 

Newer artwork is located at the top.
Huzzah: Just a silly character in a silly style based of a friend and given a rainbow treatment.

Clarvala: My Dungeons and Dragons character....a gnoll monk named Clarvala,(Val for short)

Literacy Hiero: A revamp of the fire-mage Hiero reading a light-tablet in the park.

Bemusing: Another random musing...no pun intended.  Lots of fun.

Delna: Delna is the resident jackalope psychiatrist in DMFA. Felt like doing a small sketch of her.

Ritz: Beware the armadillo-taur!  This is why I shouldn't taur...I never pick normal things.

Satan: A classroom project, I was suppose to draw a representation of Satan...doubt they expected this.

Egyptian Gals V2: A remake of the old image. Basically me testing out if I had improved any since the time I first drew them 2 years ago. And yes...I think I have improved.

Ytza: A rather lizardine and wacky character that goes by the name Ytza.

Stephen/Zack: Two characters I'm fiddling around with who share an apartment. Zany antics ensue.

Glitter: One of the light elementals, an overly cheeful one who goes by the name Glitter.

Day V2: Revamping old characters is fun, this time it was my peacock-icefox Day's turn.  Lotsa change.

Mika: I like bird characters, so I drew a wacky one for kicks.  Her name is Mika.

Bobbi Gum: The slightly ungraceful Bobbi in a slightly sticky situation.

Amuse: The inspirational bane of my exsistance, my muse Amuse.

The Elements: The 6 elements of the acadamy all in avatar form making a balance circle of sorts.

Kerosene: A priestess of Direlamyl, the symbiotic Kerosene.  A slightly static rendition, but good for a first.

Dimitri: A strange semi-insane character with the ability to enter into paintings.

Suzi-Ko: A bird character I came up with and decided was kinda nifty so I'm keeping her around. Expect more of her sometime.

Quingie: A "furrified" version of my oldest stuffed animal which I call Quingie.  I think its cute.

Hiero: A strange creature who's a fire mage at the Light Acadamy.  Semi-antagonist to Mikelo and Anthicus.

Day: An ice mage rival to Boko, the ever cool Day. Trying to draw more supporting chars.
More to come:  but not in here.