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Archive 4B:

AKA:  Moderately decent artwork for other people.
All the art here is from August 29 2002  to September 19 2004 done for other people.  I put the newer stuff at top now so come back now and again to see new things.

The characters in this archive do not belong to me unless stated otherwise but rather belong to the individuals who claim right to these characters.  The only thing I claim is the art itself that I spent the time drawing the picture itself.
Demonica: Another picture for Ryle of his evil villainess.  Wacky spell effect but not my worst human drawn.

I forgot to add this picture from a while ago.  A request or exchange of a funky bat-boy.

InMotion: Zina's character InMotion...with funky hair and piercings galore.

Equidna: A good friend's character Equidna being all actiony and dynamic.

Kimmy: A picture for Pink of her bunny....um...girl Kimmy.

Tawny: Gift art for Seth of Buddies in Big Places.   A bit risque so be adviced. Masks are fun.

Milligan: Art exchange, I got to draw the highly decorative but cute bunny Milligan.  Much fun!

Jenn: Gift art for the talented Jenn Panda.  Can you guess what she is from the name?

Wings: A gift done for a nice person who also has a reptile girl with a scythe.

Illiana: Yet another Morgan Souza character, this one of a pastel-hawk. Rainbow fun times.

Dusty: A request of a blue squirrel with a jester-hat called Dusty.

Gloria: Equidna's adorable cow-girl Gloria. I love this char...the pic doesn't do her cuteness justice.

Dazzle: A gift for Demented Pixie of her pirate captain character Dazzle. I like the sword.

Febrero: A contest entry for Stickdevil's calender girl of Febuary.  It lost, but ah well..was fun.

Lydia:   One of the main BDK characters(and my fav),  the ever-fabulous Lydia.

Kalia: Lots of K names these days...but anyways heres a bunny-wolf requested by Leena!

Ein: A trade with Ein of his wolfish character. Fun with daggers and perspectives! Whee.

Kailian: Another comission for Morgan Souza, this time of her orca gal Kailian.  ^_^

Koffi: A, Lofton's multi-armed yet slightly dinged up character called Koffi.  Purple and buggy.

Writer's Creed: A companion to my Artist's Creed, Sketch doing the literacy based version.

Sayuri: An art trade with Rafael Wolverine led me to drawing his bat-character Sayuri. Much fun. ^_^

Wynter: Commision done for Morgan Souza of her foxish character Wynter in landing pose.

Sally: A gift for Mat of BDK.  I like Sally, even though she's only appeared in a few comics.  Very Pink.

Badge-D: A conbadge done of Alex's kitsune/dragon avatar D.

For Khan: A skunk-taur duo for Shirh Khan. Drawing a taur is tough, drawing two is a feat. X_x

JazzBee1 and JazzBee2: Scott Alston's Mobian Bee in a storm and in a garden and in all varying sizes.

Grant: What better thing for a koopa character to have in a spikey shower than an umbrella?

Malika: Gift art for Zorichan of her character Malika.  I rarely get to draw people so this was a blast.

Feather: Chalosan's avian character Feather done as a present.  I like avians...

0r0ch1: A present for the fantabulous bunni 0r0ch1!  Glee!

Blue=Toothpick: A silly little image I did of Blue from the Mousekaroos.  He's so skinny. ^_^''

Vallkyrie: Done for Chris as an exchange, the bounty huntress Valkyrie

Echidna Ross: My half of an exchange, done of her character.  I am officially terrible at drawing echidna.

Nanashi: Nanashi the undead about to cast a spell of sorts.  Fear the fluffy wing tufts of death!

Rose for Diane: A bit of a cheer up present for Silverfox of her character Diane and Janus' character Sable in a sweet moment.

Bella: Shir Khan's charming skunk character Isabella.  This one was kinda fun though the background is simpler than I'd like.

Koro-Koro and Koro-Koro Snare: Two images for Soshika starring Koro Koro and her characters.  Poor Koro... ^_^'

Aintes: Aintes and his lovely wife Sue.  Chaotic and all whatnot.

Jigen Lion: A Cosplay Character from Lupin III of Spugs,  also in revenge maid outfit version HERE.  (its a long story...best not ask ^_^)

Zorichan: My half of an art exchange with Zorichan of her foxish character!

Pink Glory: Ahhhhh!  Evil rainbow gradients of DOOM!  *twitch twitch*

Tangle: A strange zombie symbiotic character of Steve Burts.  Proving I cant draw the undead well at all.

Livingstone: Done for Secret Santa 2k2 of Gabriella's wolf-buffalo taur Livingstone.

For Kim: I never did learn the name of this sugar glider character...ah well...fun with soft-filters.

Spug n Plush: Spug and a plush Ernie puppy for a new friend of mine, the wonderful Spug. :3

Bengala: Chalosan's tiger character, cause I felt the guys needed a bit of fan art too. :p

Anika: An exchange pic.  Done of a vampire Masquerade character named Anika, set in both times.

Avatar: Another of Drake's characters of Supermegatopia. This time of my fav. character: Avatar.

Khan: A looooooooong overdue request, makring the 3rd longest request I've ever done. X_x

Kyotoshi and Grey: Two images done for the talanted Soshi.  Most fun. ^_^

Okia: A mouse character done for an art exchange.  Black is eeeeevil.....

Jack Yaoi: A bit of a running joke, probably would make more sense if you know of the comic Jack and what Yaoi is. :P

Mondo: An interesting and kinda fierce pose for Calantha, this one of her character Mondo. Rainy.

Kira: Yet another of Silverfox's characters (they're like Pototo chips! Cant draw just one! O_o) This one of the spirit Kira.  Lotsa fun. :3

Beky: Done for CHalosan cause my older images to him were REALLY bad.  That and bats are cool.

Kanjia: Drawn for Kattira, a tigress warrior with a glowing sword.  All good fun.

Calantha: An image done for a request thats taken me far too long to finish. Lizard being are the coolest though, I wish I did better since their my favorite type.

Vairay: Another of SIlverfox's characters.  I like her characters, the colours are always fun. :3

Downloads: A gift request from Silverfox of Furfire for her Downloads page.  Cds of doom!
More to come:  But not on this page!