Take Me Back!
Archive 5:

AKA:  Newest art and partially ok to view.
All the art here is from September 20 2004  to today of my stuff.  I put the newer stuff at top now so come back now and again to see new things.

Newest art at top...likely with a big
NEW sign next to it.
NEW  Ike: Do not trust this peacock! His tail secretly sidelines as a rider of the Apocolypse! It is evil!  Ike himself however is not, and works as a bartender at a popular night club.

Taneeki: A RP character: Still at large. Trying to get the world to take her seriously despite her adorable impairments.

NEW Niche: A RP character. Last seen trying to avoid the responsibility that she played a part in possibly destroying the world.

Egyptian Gals V3: Yet another remake of this and this.  Added a cow, frog, and zebra. Modified the jackal and cobra.  Much fun.

Chris: A RP character.  Still at large, learning how to control the powers of Harbengers and the influence of healing.

Sugah Shock: A RP character.  Still at large, with the powers of speed and a sidekick that she would love to get rid of.

Hazel: A RP character.  Last seen travelling from planet to planet with some alien friends from the future.

Wendy-GO: A RP character.  Last seen leaving a haunted house and going on to a successful DJ career.

Genda Attempt #1:
A short and pudgy giraffe named Genda, same series(the themed backgrounds should be a tip)  I need to work out a few kinks on this character.

Stephan Attempt #1: The skink character Stephan, also from the same potential strip. (One of these days I need to put their own section up. I'm lazy)

Susan Attempt #2: An improved redesign of the Susan character, a creation between me and a friend for a potential comic.

Ebola: Late at night, and doing silly things to my brain, so I anthromorphized the Ebola virus.

Susan Attempt #1: Failed attempt at the mouse/fox Susan. Needs more mouse.

Xum Xem: A little mushroom girl and her spore pup. Children's book concept character.

Tigaro V2: A revision of a very old character Tigaro. I still need to work on his design. Blargh.

Masked Amusement: Just something kinda creepy and surreal...I need to lay off the muse puns
More to come:  but I'm slow