Take Me Back!
Groupshot Art:

AKA:  Too lazy to put this on every cast page
These are the pics of ALL my characters (or two and more) when I draw them in the same scene with eachother.
Done in the year 2005
Fighty Game: Not the most original concept, but it was fun making a little mock select screen of my characters plus a few friends.

Done in the year 2004
Soul Vs. Tummy: Chibi Repteal and Mikelo reading some books and the zany antics that ensue.
Accident Prone: Mikelo is a great healing mage...but not a very great fire mage...as Anthicus finds out.

Done in the year 2003
Break Down: Some relationships in life hurt...
Yay For Bugs!: A showcase of my many insect-characters showing that even insects can be cool.
Ah Slig: Waterfall? Cliff?  Rollar Coaster?  Only Mikelo and Skreetchy know...
White Totem: The three white mages in a bit of wackyness.
Moocher: If you got a sandwhich...chances are Pips gonna try to mooch it.
Interract: Mikelo and various people who play an influence on his immediate life.

Done in the year 2002
Observation: Someone is watching Mikelo and Pip....
The Park: Dont ask where Pip got the hat....
Study Break: Late night studying with Mikelo and Anthicus...though Mikelo seems not as eager...
Embracing: Thorganthicus and Murtagoy sharing a more intimate momen, thus me further confusing the continuity. :P
Only Human: Just a really wierd 'what if they become human' pic with Boko, Anthicus, and Mikelo
Halloween 2002: Mikelo and Pip being oober cute...though Pips not too happy it seems.
Priceless: The joys of having a gaming roomate...mastercard style.
School Trip: An excuse to get Repteal in a schoolgirl uniform?  Maybe.  Unfortunately Mikelo got dragged along into the pic...well...unfortunately for him.
Bubbly: A marker pic of Mikelo and some of the femme cast in a cute chibi pic...that my scanner ate and gave a line in the middle due to me having to scan it in parts. X_x
Hiyo I Love Ya!: Murtagoy and Thorganthicus in a cute picture where Murts just cute.
Unexpected: Something different with Mikelo and Repteal.  Not an easy thing to draw....
Reptilian: The two reptiles: Repteal and Mikelo.  (Warning...drew this very late at night...it just looks odd)

Done in the year 2001 and earlier
Evangilion: Cheets, Repteal, and Mikelo dressed as characters from Neon Genesis Evangilion.
Groupshot: All my characters thus far.  Its been a long time in the making, wonder what next year will bring....
Kimono Gals: Groupshot of the girls dressed in kimonos.  Done with the help of Kam (thanks Kam ^_^!)
Spring Break 2001: The gals of Mab's Land relaxing at the beach....er...sorta.
More to come:  as always.