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Name: Boko De' Marl

Age: 18

Birthdate: October 5th

Gender: Female

Species: Nictarl

Nicknames: Bokes

Occupation: Student

Major(if applicable): Water (Ice)

Favorite Colour: None

Favorite Food: Steak and mushrooms

Special Abilities: Ice magic, Element Resistance

Best trait: Intelligent

Worst trait: Antisocial
General Bio:  Boko
Odds are one wouldn't get the chance to ask Boko her history before she walks away from you.  Boko by nature seems to shun most contact with others save for a small collection of friends...and even then she is often the most reclusive of the group.  Public files show she seems to have no immediate family and was raised by more distant relatives.  However Boko has once mentioned a sister though any further questions have been met with a wall of silence.

Boko distaste for others in general puts her as a very anti-social and sullen disposition.  Often tactless and straight to the point, Boko will often make it very clear that she doesn't like something...and usually does so often.  With such a gloomy outlook, it would seem her life in the Academy exists primarily due to her outstanding grades.  Incredibly smart, Boko spends most of her time furthering her education.  As such, she holds a particular disdain for those who get by simply by grace of popularity and good-fortune. Which would seem odd considering the company she keeps includes the Karvis Dan Anthicus.  Regardless, she seems to hold what few friends she has in loyal respect...although it is very rare for her to slip out of her sullen silent demeanor.  As a side note, Boko seems to hold a particular disdain for a fellow ice mage named Day.  The reasons are unknown though the guesses are many.

Physical Aspects:
Boko's facial markings(and likely suspected her body markings) are a particular type that overtime they shift and alter into new patterns.  As such, Boko tends to hide most of her body in numerous layers of mismatched clothes.  It is unknown if this is due to bad fashion in general or simply to spite those who would be repulsed by such a tacky sense of style.   Boko herself is actually very resiliant to the elements, and can withstand extreme heat and cold while others would likely pass out from it.  She is also immune to electrical effects.

Funky Fun Facts:

Boko's only fashion constant is ear-bands and a tongue-ring...which she claims is religious based.
Boko has perfect night vision.
The Nictarl race's ears grow longer as they age. An elderly Nictarl's ears will be past their feet.
While a major in Ice Magic, Boko has high interests in Fire Magic, which is odd considering the opposite alignment.
Known Affiliates:

Art by Me:
Done in the year 2006
Clue White: Boko as Mrs. White and not looking the most pleased about having a wrench.

Done in the year 2005
Ice Garden: Boko in a garden practicing a little incantation. It must be nice to be immune to cold.

Done in the year 2003
Boko Flapper: Another historic series, this one of Boko during the flapper era of the 1920's.
Boko Back: Bokos back markings...whoo fun.
Boko Grrrr...: Boko looking a bit upset, likely cause she's missing her outfit or something.
Unhappy Holidays: Boko no like christmas.....

Done in the year 2002
Glare Down: Boko and Day exchanging not-so-happy glances.
Ice Grasp: One of Bokos more visually impressive Ice Spells.  Part of the spell series.
Boko Uniform: Boko looking unhappy wearing the school uniform
Boko Casual: Being her tacky self, Boko in one of her more relaxed attire.
Boko Pencil: An odd coloured pencil pic I made...wonder who the black bunny is....
Old Profile: Another old profile image, this one with stats.

Art by Others:
Rebecca: Boko casting her ice spell on a wall. Done in colour pencils and very nice.
Ozzy: This picture of Boko in the lamplight is so good, I cant begin to praise it properly.
OOC: A hilarious little strip(guest starring Dan) of a very Out of Character Boko and Anthicus, done by Tailsteak.
Smile: Boko being more pro-active than normal.  Popular beware.
Fantasy: A cute Boko casting a spell done by the talanted Blue Fantasy.  ^_^
Hydina: The very first Boko gift-art I've gotten.  Thanks Hydina. :3

"I can almost feel myself becoming  more dumb  just by being in your presence... -Boko"