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Name: Cheets Donavon

Age: 19

Birthdate: January 19

Gender: Female

Species: Cheetah/Human hybrid

Nicknames: Cheets, Spots

Occupation: Fashion Designer, Life-Guard

Major(if applicable): None

Favorite Colour: Red

Favorite Food: Ice Cream

Special Abilities: None

Best Trait: Trusting

Worst Trait: Bossy
Cheets *chitter-mrrrr*
General Bio:  Cheets
Cheets has grown up in a relatively normal life.  Mother, father, younger brother, white picket fence, etc.  As such, she has grown up with all the ambitions of her generation. Cheets is a strong and independant young woman, who just getting out of a trade school has decided to strike out on her own.  While she has a life goal of becoming the next great fashion designer...she has found out that the industry isn't the easiest to work with.  As such, she works a side job as a lifeguard while she tries to get her career off the ground.

Her parents currently divorced, it was her father's suggestion that she lease the extra space in her apartment to a roomate.

Cheets is your typical fresh out of college girl.  She has many goals and yet to truly taste the sting of harsh harsh reality.  As such, she can sometimes be a bit more impulsive than normal and also has a bit of a temper.  When around others, she'll often take charge and is considered quite bossy at times.

Physical Aspects:
Cheet's father is human, while her mother is a cheetah hybrid.  As such, Cheets has five fingers and somewhat more human features than average.

Quirky Fun Facts:
Cheets' real first name is Carole.  She dislikes it so.
Cheets has little regard for others personal space and belongings unless someone writes their name on it.
Unlike her mom and brother, Cheets adores large bodies of water.
Known Affiliates:

Pictures of Cheets by Me:
Done in the year 2005
Clue: Cheets as Mrs. Peacock from the game Clue. Part 1 of a set of 6.

Done in the year 2004
Balls: I really should draw Cheets more often...but here is a casual pic of her.

Done in the year 2002
Markery: Cheets in a funky outfit coloured in markers.  Bweeee.
Noir: A funky black and white image of Cheets in an evening gown.  Kinda different.
Splash: Cheets airbrushed in the water for no real reason I can think of. Yay!
Street: Casual attire, and funky tail-bands.  Cheets is looking at ya!
PIctures: Cheets(cameo Mikelo/Murtagoy) and some pictures of her friends.
Old Profile: Another old profile of Cheets, with Stats

Done in the year 2001 and earlier

Boppity: Cheets just walking along with a walkman...keen. :3
Warm Clothes: Me experimenting with Cheets wardrobe and style. 
Rollar Blades: Cheets outdoors with ice-cream and rollar-blades.
Pencil: Random doodle on a napkin at 5 AM...bad..
Snowfall: I always wanted to do a pretty winter scene....it just seems nice...
Sleeping: Cheets, yet another victim of late night gaming.
Casual: I'm finally getting the hang of her style I think.  Just a fun pic of her.
Jubilee Cheets: Cheets dressed as Jubilee from the Xmen.  Fun fun. :3
Shoulder Shot: Just a shouldershot and me testing out a new coloring method.
Evening Gown: Cheets in an evening gown by a pond.
Beachside: Cheets in her lifeguard outfit on the beach.
Darkstalker: Cheets done in a Felicia from Darkstalker format.  Fun!  ^_^
Old Profile: The old profile image of Cheets

Pictures of Cheets by Others:
Tailsteak: Just looking....its what lifeguards do after all...
Rafael: Done from an art exchange, a very uniquely styled Cheets being her playful self.
Maja: Cheets and ice cream! Cheets and ice cream!  Definetly worth a look-see! Very nice. ^_^
Ross: Done for an art exchange, I got this cute pic of Cheets.
Sytharin: Cheets with a volleyball done by the incredibly wonderful Syth.  Woot!
D.F. Cheets by the pool, proving that not all cats fear getting wet.
Emelia: A keen gift of Cheets crushing(wonder about who. :p) The pencil-shading is way nifty and Cheets just looks so darn cute! :3
All Mine: A funny pic of Cheets enjoying her fav snack done by Christine R.
Ice Cream: Cheets eating Ice Cream!  Her fav food!  Happy! :D (done by Sonja)
SilverFox: Silverfox did this nifty rendition of Cheets in an art exchange
"Look. It won't hurt...me. -Cheets"