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Name: Demona Carington
Age: 17/19
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Nicknames: Demo
Occupation: Inventor/Student
Favorite Colour: None/Pink
Favorite Food: None/Key Lime Pie
Likes: Machinery, Winning/Animals, Comics, Flying
Dislikes: Arachnicadians/Creepy Crawlies, Her brother to an extent
Special Abilities: None?/Air Mage
Best Trait: Intelligent/Intelligent
Worst Trait: Rather cold and distant/Naive and shy
General Bio:  Demo
Demona, or Demo as she is nicknamed, is a confusing character in that there are 3 versions of her in exsistance...sorta.  In a universe of multiple dimensions, copies are likely to be made, and as Mikelo goes through life, he runs into three particular variations of Demo.

Arachniadian: The Demo in Arachnicadia is intelligent, but also very bitter.  The arachnicadians had long since ruled and Demo's parents were one of many harvested during an annual event.  This event as well as others has left the Demo of the Arachnicadian dimension angry and desiring nothing more than revenge.  At the time Mikelo meets her, she is 17 and one of the top mechanic/inventors of the rebel forces.  A true technical genius, but also a slightly unstable one in that nothing will stop her in her quest to get back at those who took away her family.  It had gone to a point in designing a cybernetic arm enchancement...but it is incredibly painful and the scars that remain on her arm remain visible.  Shot-tempered and rather antisocial, Demo has few friends but those who she does warm up to end up having one of the most loyal allies at their side.

Acadamy: Somewhere out there in another dimension is another Demo, one where the Arachnicadians hadn't taken over, where Demo's family is still complete and happy...and that is where the Demo who goes to the magic Acadamy resides.  Along with her brother, Demo is enrolled as an air mage.  It could almost be said that everything the Demo of Arachnicadia is, the Demo of the Acadamies is not.  Rather shy, and not so technologically inclined, the Demo of the Acadamies is rather stuck behind the shadow of her more powerful and more popular brother, who is also enrolled.  Much more sympathetic, she is often found hanging around with the less than popular groups and a little blue flying creature she calls "Nikkle"

As for the third...well thats another story all together....
Known Affiliates:

Pictures of Demo by Me:
Done in the year 2005
Clue Mustard: Arachnicadian version Demo does not settle for simple revolvers.

Done in the year 2004
Game: Wrong answer! WRONG ANSWER!
Witchy: Acadamy Demo and Nikkle in a silly air-witch outfit.

Done in the year 2003
Sketchy: Sketchy and stylized Demo showing off the cybernetic arm.

Done in the year 2002
Revamp: A revamp of the Arachnicadian Demo, proving that I suck at weapons.

Done in the year 2001
Old Style: One of the first prototypes for Demo, back when she had brown eyes

Pictures of Demo by Others:
Markal: A gift done by Markal of the Arachnicdian Demo.  Wooties!
"If you can't handle it, then you might as well die now./
Whoah... I doubt I could handle anything that complex...  -Demo"