Take Me Back!

AKA:  Stuff people ask me a lot/ art exchange info.
I decided to revamp this...though I begin to doubt anyone reads it since I still get emailed this question a lot.  Ah well...

Q:  Do you do requests?

A: (I'm putting this one at top since it seems to be the highest question)  I will say it depends.  There are days that I'm in a good mood and I do take the occasional request. But in competing with college, life, work, and DMFA, I don't get a ton of free-time and so I don't want to spend it all drawing for people.  If you are going to email me asking for a request, there is a high chance that I might say no or might not answer at all. Its not personal, but I don't have the time to answer every email I get.

Q: Do you do art exchanges/commisions?
A:  This also depends.  If you want to do an exchange, a reference to your art would be nice so I don't have to ask. And for the love of GOD don't say "I'd love to do an exchange...but my art is sucky"  If you can't take any sense of pride in your art, then why are you offering it as an exchange!?  Take some pride in yourself and even if you do think my art is better than yours, don't act like you suck cause what fun is it doing an exchange if someone is telling you that the pic they are trying to do is going to suck?  Even if your art isn't of same caliber, it doesn't mean it sucks.  Its the thought and the fact you had fun and are trying to bring happiness from it that does.

As for commisions, its iffy.  I'm very very very wierd when it comes to them so you'd be better off asking.

Either way, request/commisions/exchange, my
email is available.  Just don't expect promptness unless its something I feel is urgent to reply to. ^_^''

Q: The character profiles mention stories. Where are they?!
A: I haven't yet released them.  When the time comes, I hope to do a comic involving them, but I'm currently practicing and its in its design phase.  Sorry for any confusion. ^_^'

Q: How do you draw?
A: I put a pencil on paper, move it, and then repeat with ink or eraser depending on quality.

...seriously though. I draw by hand, ink it, scan it, and then use Photoshop 6 to colour the images.  The details are incredibly long and boring and I don't really enjoy having to lay out charts for people.  If there is something specific you need, like how to draw a particular thing or get a certain effect, I might be able to help, but if the question requires too much hassle to respond to, I likely will hold it off for a long time before responding.  I'm not prompt. X_x

Q: You should have thumbnail previews on your site so I can see the art I'm about to click on!
A:  Yeah. I should.  But that would take forever to organize and make little thumbnails and it would take up a lot of space and time and be a hassle to load and really isn't worth the effort for me.  There are likely over 300 images scattered across the site. I don't want to go and thumnail them all.  I have tried to archive the pages according to date so older images are grouped from newer ones giving a sense of quality.  I realize that having to click links is rather lame, but I like this method and it works.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?
A:  Time and the world around me.  Sometimes they appear out of nowhere, or sometimes they are the result of years planning.  There is no real source...though I will say that I've always been inspired by cartoons.

Q:  Can I draw you gift-art?
A: You can always draw me gift art. Its like my crack.  While it might not appear on the site right-away or at all (I only get so much space really for this place) I appreciate and love each pic.

Q:  Why don't you draw any humans?
A: Cause no one ever seems to ask for them.  ^_^''

Q:  You never drawn anything thats copyrighted it seems.
A: You are correct.  I try to avoid copyrighten characters at all costs these days.  I am a fan as much as the next person, but fan-art hasn't been my cake recently.  One exception might be Neopets stuff...but it has to be something REALLY interesting.

Q: Do you have a DA Account?
A:  No.  And I don't intend to.  I also don't have or intend to have a Sheezy, Furry Affinity, or GoGAIA account.  So if you see someone with my art pretending to be me on one of those, it's likely a fake.  The only account I really have is a Neopets account.

Q:  Can I use your images or edit them?

A:  I'd much rather you didn't. 

Ok. Granted if you just want to use one cropped as a forum avatar I won't complain. If anything, just try to remember where you got it from if people ask.  However try to avoid hotlinking said images if you can.

Some images I can let people use for things, but a lot belong to other people or are personal.  And frankly, most people who are going to steal my artwork or edit it, wont be asking or even reading this.  Most artists get upset since this basically is a person's way of saying 'screw you!' since they basically take what an artist has made and created, and then abandoned the artist.  It's like raising a puppy and then the dog gets stolen.  The dog might be in a new home that loves it and means well, but it wasn't gotten fairly, and the original owner is left feeling hurt.

Q:  Can I print your pictures for my locker?
A: By all means.  I don't mind if people want to stick the pics on their stuff. Just if anyone asks, be honest and say you got it from a cool website.  But I better not see anyone selling stuff with my images.  XP

Q:  Are you single?
A:  Currently seeing someone. XP
Still got questions?  Email me at amber@mabsland.com