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Name: Levicel
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Species: Arachnicadian
Nicknames: "Lady Long Legs"
Occupation: Advisor, Head of LSA (Lower Species Affairs)
Favorite Colour: Red
Favorite Food: Lions
Likes: Experiments, Talking, her job, Challanges, Mysteries, Screams, Technology.
Dislikes: Abuse of Power, Disrespect, Stupidity.
Special Abilities: Unknown as of this time...
Best Trait: Empathetic and Intelligent
Worst Trait: Prone to misunderstandings
General Bio: Levicel
Levicel hails from the Planet of Arachnicadia, named after the most similar thing since their true tongue is near impossible to understand.  Her current job is one of the few advisors to the Queen Rezelikematamavouchi (Or Rez...cause thats much easier to actually say) as well as the one in charge of dealing with lesser species of that planet on a personal basis.

Levicel has an empathy that would seem almost foreign to the usual uncaring demeanor but since it proves most useful in her line of work, it is of little concern to any of the other arachnicadians.

As a species, Levicel is rather unique in having such definitive markings, but also has an above average height even for her species.  Many times Levicel doesnt bother wearing an outfit as its un-taboo to her kind, but she finds that many species she deals with are rather uncertain of such activity so is known for wearing tops. 

The particular brand of Arachnicadian (humanesque torsoe and spider body) is actually only for females and a very few number of them.  According to Arachnicadian culture, the reason this is is that those of such sort are closer in distinction to royalty, who's queen is always that way.

The Arachnicadians themselves are a conquering and fighting species, often taking control of entire planets and settling them up in a rather insane monarchy system, thus putting the conquered in the position of cattle almost.  Despite a few rebelous forces here and there, overall most civilizations have sucumbed and have managed to adapt so many dont know of how they lived beforehand, despite the fact almost weekly arachnicadian "hunters" sweep through and pick off a few random pedestrians.

As for Levicel's personal intentions, its unknown as she keeps them rather secluded.  But it would seem her interests and closeness to the royal family has alterior motives.
Known Affiliates:

Pictures of Levicel By Me

Done in the year 2005
Netherworld Levicel: I was not watching the Beetlejuice cartoon when sketching this doodle...much...

Done in the year 2004
Royal Meeting: Levicel, Rez, and Skreetchy all in the 'throne room' for a meeting of some sort.

Done in the year 2003
Look Out: Wierd angle and perspective, of Levicel looking down from above.
VIctorian: Levicel's Historic outfit sets her in Victorian, and is almost a revamp of the old gown idea.
Pardon Me: Sorta speaks for itself.  Rez is pretty big. (guest staring: Mikelo)

Done in the year 2002
Lend Hand: An experiment really. Drawing Levicel facing front and reaching out.  Rather amusing for me.
Cherished: A softer side to the arachnicadians with a warm moment between Rez and her daughter Skreetchy.
Skreetchy: Rez's youngest daughter, future ruler of Arachnicadia.
Old Profile: Another old profile, this one with stats.

Done in the year 2001 and earlier
Rez: The Arachnicadian Queen Rez.  Still in rough stages of development, but I think she looks rather nice and very much like royalty.
Original: A What if pic of what Levicel would look like if I kept her original design.
Working: Levicel in her natural environment....a sci-fi workstation. :p
Invite: Lame joke, but wanted to draw her in a dress.  Not easy to get a date these days.....
Levicel Poised: Just a quick shot of Levicel when she rears back to her full height.
Cyclops Levicel: Drew Levicel dressed as Cyclops for a short gag.  Lots of spandex. X.x
Cartwheel: Levicel showing off her black widow sundial in an odd pose.  (colored by friend)
Hall: Levicel on a side picture in the temple hall.
Magic: A front/tummy shot of Levicel as she tries a magic spell.  First time on Photoshop.
Evening Levicel: A form fitting evening gown...well...as form fitting as her body can be.
Darkstalker: Levicel done up as Queen Bee from Darkstalkers with slight changes. 
Levicel Leisure: Just Levicel in a DT tshirt relaxing.  ^_^
Old Profile: The old profile image of Levicel.

Pictures of Levicel by Others:
Aries: Skreetchy done by the talanted and nice Aries.  Overall super-keen pic.
Darkness: A neat pic by Darkness.  I really like the straight-line effects of this pic. :)
Tim: Levicel and Tim's character having an encounter...though Levicel's prolly not enjoying this meeting.
Girlie: A cute lil pic of Levicel done by Girlie. (Thanks! :3)
Quintel: A very nice fan-art of Levicel done by the talanted Quintel/Athy.
J Ratte: I love this pic! Levicel looking cool as ever done by J. Ratte of the Litterbox Gang!
Sytharin: A spiffy pencil of Levicel using her webbing skills for a unique hobby. :)
Tim2: A Cute lil SD version of Levicel on stubbly lil legs.
Tim3: A cool picture of the Arach Queen Rez.
"How can you climb that high without any natural claws?  -Levicel"