Take Me Home!

Escape from this world to another just as evil.
These are all sites that I find very good quality and recommend viewing if you like my art or the things on this site.

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Neo Earth
Michele Light's Art
Bara Chans Page
Team Artai
Forest Dreams Studio/Furfire
Aries Realm!!
Jennifer's Studio!
Cyyeun studios.
Nitemyste Network
Orange Lemonade!
Awsome art site!
Animal Spirits Realm!
Great art and great comics!!
HollyAnn's Furry site!
Koro Koro!
Text Links: (cause I cant find buttons for them....or I'm just too lazy too...)

Furcadia: The official page itself.  The basis of what DMFA was made from.

Sabrina Online Novel: A great story starring the main star of the Sabrina Online comic!  (go read.  Its good.  Trust me :)

Maxx's Site: Another great site full of art.  Maxx has a great toony style that is most interesting to see.

Freighter Tails: A comic strip by Gibbs and Redfern, revolving around Mzzkitti and the crew of the Pharsicle.

Furscape: A great Furry Muck, definetly one you should check out.

Do Dandelions Roar, Do they even have Teeth?:   A fanfiction site done by Elfen Furry, one which has Repteal herself playing a role in.  Good fun reads, especially if you are a Sabrina Online fan.