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Amber M. Panyko:
Name: Amber M. Panyko
Age: 23 (Bday: August 19th. Send presents)
Gender: Female
Species: Human.
Nicknames: Amber, Mab, Gee
Occupation: , slacker, artist?
Favorite Colour: Secondary colours
Favorite Food: Buffalo wings and swedish fish
Likes: Friends, art, TMNT, comics, cartoons, turtles, Music, being happy
Dislikes(fears): Most anything that involves being social or other people..
Special Abilities: None (darn)
Best Trait: Imaginative
Worst trait: Anti-social
What can I say?  Its me. 

I am an illustration major with a sociology minor thanks to the University of Southern Indiana.  I collect TMNT things and in my spare time amass a small collection of figurines which I hope to one day rule the world with. 

By and large I run a pretty boring life.  Perhaps that is why I have such wierd things to draw.  Currently I run DMFA, which is a tri-weekly comic.  However in the future I hope to expand into other projects, including the one that involves all the characters you see here on the site.

I'm not the most social of critters, and I tend to go off on deep meaningless rambles from time to time.  I like to pretend I have some importance or merit, but odds are I'm just typing long paragraphs hoping no one realizes I have no clue what I'm doing half the time.

Last thing to note is the use of the mantis avatar for myself.  It started with a joke between my old friends in high school, but it stuck and now I decided its the best creature for me.  I tend to draw myself as such or as a person or as Mab depending on my mood.  But more or less I'm still the same geeky nerd.
Pictures of me by me:

Done in the year 2004
Shonen Eh?: Cause Janus makes for an evil evil pink tux shoulder-devil...Poor Mikelo

Done in the year 2003
Artist Creed: Ode to being an artist, and all the emotional baggage that goes with it.

Done in the year 2002
Stoopid: "Stooopid! You're so stooopid!"  ...I love UHF...and its so true in some cases.
Rargh: Me not looking so dorky. Was in a rare optimistic mood when I made it.
Amber Oddity: Drawn because I can and wanted to...a silly portrait of yours truly
Old profile: Another old profile image, this one with stats.

Done in the year 2001 and earlier
IRL profiles: Me and my friend Mike as we look IRL...or close as I can draw it.
Grace: A pic where I didnt draw myself as a total dork.
Praying Mantis: A joke between my IRL friends and myself.  ^_^
IRL:   EEEEEE!  *hissss*  The ugliness!  My Eyes!  My Eyes!!!  X.x
Bugbyte: ph34r the sp0rk!!!  ph34r it!!!
Snoozing: Its just a cute lil me dreaming of TMNT things....
Old Profile: Me and TMNT plushies in my old profile image.

Pictures of me by others:
Loki: A very good picture...though not nearly as geeky and nerdy as I normally look.
MunchMunch: eeeheeeheeeheeeheee!  I love this picture.
Pokey: Sometimes Amber needs some motivation...get the stick.
Tim: Mantis me and Miss Mab, done for me for my Birthday.  Thanks Tim. :3
Feed-an-Amber: I love this pic.  And I wish I could shade with pencils like that. O.o
Dirty-Doggie: DD suprised me with this picture one day.  I like it...though I would NEVER plan anything the picture is assuming.  >:3
<insert evil comment here>  -Amber