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Name: Miss Mab
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Fae Furre
Occupation: Being Herself
Favorite Colour: Purple
Favorite Food: Sugar
Likes: Cute things, Sweet Things, Huggles, Friends, Fuzzies
Dislikes: People yanking her antenni, Tastless Vulgar things.
Special Abilities: Master of Convenience
Best Trait: Friendly
Worst Trait: Skitterish
General Profile:  Mab
As most can guess from the title of the site, Mab is basically the starter of the site.

Mab was originally started off in 1998 on the game Furcadia.  There she had many adventures and soon after this site was changed from a sphinx shrine to a Furcadia fanpage of her character.  As time and things evolved, Mab has become a star of her own comic and is often used as the secondary avatar of Amber and many times the name missmab is used in asssocation due to the long running use of it.

Currently Mab is mostly involved with DMFA affairs rather than any story that the other characters of this site tends to boast.  Rather than kick Mab back to mascot status though, Amber keeps her as a permanent homage and reminder of how things while they constantly evolve and change, should always keep a bit of their roots.

Personality-wise, Mab is a perky, friendly, and sometimes overhyper character.  She loves life and friends and displays many great redeemable qualities.  Being a fae-furre gives her a unique appearance as well as a magic backing.  Depending on what her mood, Mab can be almost anything she wants to be from an adventurer to just a friend. 

Who's to say what the future has in store for Mab though?  Chances are its not the end of her, but rather just a slight break between times and there is little doubt that Mab will be making a story appearance sooner or later in something as Amber has a tendancy to never let go to her characters, especially ones as close and loved as Mab.
Pictures of Mab done by me:

Done in the year 2003
Originality: Sort of a up-to-date version of how Mab would of looked had I kept her very original form back when I first created her.  Talk about a evolution of character.

Done in the year 2002
Saber-Mab: The infamous Saber-toothed Mab. Done for a class.
Haremic: A silly gift for Pink, Mab and other board members in harem girl outfits.
Goth Mab: Mab gone goth! I like the moth antennas.
Cosplay Pink: Mab and Pink dressed as Darkstalker characters.  Chibi cuteness. :3
Bikini: Mab in a Mono-bikini.  Done for the summer of 2002, gotta love summer fun.
Mage Mab: Running storygag of the BishouHunters, Mab is the mage, hence the outfit.
Profile: Another profile image, this one with stats.

Done in the year 2001 and earlier

Sonicy: Mab drawn in a Sonic the Hedgehog style, another result of boredom at 2AM.
Flighty: An action shot of odd perspectives for Miss Mab...I really like this one.
Toony: Just a silly toon-style Mab.
Fighter: A semi-serious Mab based in a RP.
Darkstalker: Mab dressed as Lei Lei from Darkstalkers.  This one was fun to make.  ^_^
Action Pose:
I was tired of the dress, I mean, how can one be adventerous in a gown?
Femme-Shot:  A picture with all the femme characters in it.
Evil-Mab:  An evil-fied version of Mab
Group Photo:  An old picture of Mab with all her pets.
Mab-Dragon:  Mab in Fae-Dragon form.
Cartoon Network Mab:  I tried drawing her in CN style, it failed
Sherrif Mab:  An online joke.
Tourguide Mab:  Another online joke.
Animab:  If Mab was a true-blooded anime catgirl, that is what she would look like.
DT1, DT2:  Two DT fanarts I drew for Tim Dawson's Dragon-Tails comic
Plushies:  Mab and a bunch of plushie-versions of all her DTMB friends.
Human Mab:  Mab without her feline features.
Old profile: The old profile image for Miss Mab.

Pictures of Mab done by others:
Cole: A really shibby Mab. Reminds me of those gif dolls...only much more awsome.
anna: Super Cute little Mab image!  Wheeeee!
Ryle: A birthday gift from Ryle.  Mab dressed as my fav. FF7 character! *hugs Ryle*
Oniko: A pretty image of Mab mid-flight I beleive.  Interesting style of dress.  I like it!
Alicia Corke: A glamourous picture of Mab.  I love the style used in this one.  :3
Tony Lime: Funny pic.  ^_^
Birdi:   Very pretty, like the colors.
KelKyre: Mab and Pip in the forest
Aroria: A very savvy drawing style
Lady Kam: A beautiful pic with an old pet design in it even.
Kanmeros: For my birthday he drew me this cute lil pic.
Meg1 and Meg2: Both are from Meg of Meg's Cafe.    Very nice.  ^_^
Picnic: I forgot who drew this one! *cries*  Its Mab and pets at a picnic.
Pearl1, Pearl2, Pearl3:  Three different pics by the talanted Pearl.  Thanks.  :)
Tim1,   Tim2:  The talanted maker of Dragon-Tails(the comic) drew these cute things for me.
Yoiko: Its cute, what else can I say?
HollyAnn: Very nice picture by the talanted HollyAnn.
Evion: A spiffy rendition of Mab in a Sailor Scout outfit! I dont know if I should amused or terrified.
Unknown: A cute lil Mab pic...but I forgot the name of the person who made it. O.o
Takeshi666: Mad Mab...the board warrior.  (any Mad Max fans would get this.)
"It isnt over until the candy vendors stop selling!  -Mab"