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Name: Murtagoy

Age: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

Gender: Female (optional)

Species: Un-named

Nicknames: Murty, Murts

Occupation: Rebel?, Model, "Entertainment"

Major(If Applicable): None

Favorite Colour: All

Favorite Food: Peaches

Special Abilities: Shapeshifting

Best Trait: Affectionate and Caring

Worst Trait: A little TOO Affectionate
Murtagoy *chitter-mrrr*
General Bio:  Murtagoy
When asked about her history, Murtagoy starts to talk about how she was owned by somebody and lived in someplace...but soon she'll trail off as if she has forgotten who and where it was.  And odds are she likely has.  What is known that Murtagoy is a varient from a genetically engineered species.  The creators were an alien race who took it upon themselves to use their intelligence to create the perfect servant race, which was highly successful.  Without needing to do work for themselves, the creator race delved into further pursuits of knowledge.  Murtagoy's variation was a frivelous by-product to make the perfect race of "personal" servants.  However shortly afterwards, the planet was overtaken by the more powerful Arachnicadian race.  The Arachnicadians, a hunter species in general, chose the stronger and more hearty species of the created race over the creators, and ultimately destroyed the entire creator race in disgust over their now weakened physical state.  Since then Murtagoy has been somewhat adrift...it is unknown how she ended up where she is as her particular variation is incredibly rare and highly sought after.  But fate has played wierder games.

It is unknown if Murtagoy's lack of foresight and intelligence is a flaw in her design, or deliberate. But the fact remains that Murtagoy is not the brightest crayon in the box.  What she lacks in common sense though she makes up with heart, and Murtagoy seems convinced that it is her task to make those around her happy in any way she can.  Unfortunatly in Murtagoy's mind the particular method this would best be done in is not exactly the most orthodox.  As such, Murtagoy trying to push her affections onto anyone around her can be very awkward, though at the time she seems to be grasping the concept of time and place.  Like a servant would, she's very obedient to those around her.  Only recently has she begun to truly grasp the concept of thinking for herself.

Physical Aspects:

Murtagoy's peculiar colouring and shape make her ideal for shifting as she can assume the shape and form of almost any living animal.  Subconciously Murtagoy seems to have a genetic library at her disposal, as she can readily assume the shape of any species and make alterations by ear.  It's easy to guess that she was designed to be able to look however her owner describes.  It also seems Murtagoy can expand this genetic library if she comes into touching contact with whatever she wants to transform. Though it should be noted that looks and personality are two different things.  Murtagoy may be able to make herself look like someone, but acting like them requires a level of talent Murtagoy seems to lack.  The nature of her shapeshifting also means she can alter her physical aspects to heal instantly, become immune to illness, or just be a downright bugger to kill.  Odds are it would take total cell destruction or a swift removal of the head...but even thats debatable.

Funky Fun Facts:
Murtagoy's natural fragrance would be something similar to raspberries and vanilla.
The particular variation of Murtagoy's kind are sterile, and the genetic coding makes her unclonable.
The more common variation of Murtagoy's race are very earth-toned colours and sub-average intelligence.
There are only around 3,000 of Murtagoy's particular variation in known existance.
Murtagoy's default gender is female.
Murtagoy has a particular love of stuffed toys, and likes to make dolls of her friends.
Known Affiliates:

Pictures of Murtagoy by Me:
Done in the year 2004
Murtagoy on the Move: Just a silly pose with a background, Murt is fun to draw at times just wacky.

Done in the year 2003
Backies: Just a view of Murtagoy from behind as she looks at the boring background.
Sex Bunnies: Cause sometimes...being sane is just not enough.

Done in the year 2002
Jimmy: One of the more common variations of Murtagoys species, the non-shifting kind.
Read-A-Book: Hooray for literacy!
Demon: Murtagoy in a demon-form cause I thought it would be amusing to do so.
Vixey: Murtagoy changing into a vixen-morph.  Based off an old joke.
Old Profile: Another old profile, this one with stats

Done in the year 2001 and earlier
Sleepy: I dont know where she got the doll from, but she sure is cute when asleep.
First Impression: A duo of Murtagoy and Mikelo and their reactions when they first met.
Tail Muncher: Murtagoy just being cute and silly as she gnaws on her tail.
Watch Out: Murtagoy showing her observation skills to Unkno (character of SnowVixenSuki)
Murtagoy Revised: My second attempt at Murtagoy...a little less surreal.
Murtagoy Old: My first attempt at Murtagoy.
Old Profile: The old profile image of Murtagoy

Pictures of Murtagoy by Others:
FoxxyVixen: First impressions are always a must in a crossover pic.  Thanks Foxxy!
Kim Ross: Kims wonderful half of an art trade, I really like the vibrant colours she uses.
Shazzbaa: Murtagoy huggles!  Eeee!  I love ze huggle-pics!
Aryanna: This has to be the cutest Murtagoy ever. I LOVE those toesies. Cute cute cute.
Dark Tapai: A most LOVELY pic of Murtagoy,  the colours are most nifty and her persona is well-done.
"What you need is some Huggles!  -Murtagoy"