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Name: Pipclideous Dominiscus
Age: Not telling
Gender: Male
Species: Drake
Nicknames: Pip,  Pip-drake, Golden Hell-spawn
Occupation: Varies, mostly unknown
Favorite Colour: Sparkly
Favorite Food: Most anything edible
Likes: Tummy rubs, Sunbathing, Sleep, Food, Mischeif, Ping Pong
Dislikes: Flash photography, Immaturity, Not getting his way, Rocking Chairs
Special Abilities: Various, Reflection, Teleportation, Psychic
Best Trait: Intelligent
Worst Trait: Causes trouble easily
General Bio:  Pip
Pip is quite the mystery player.  He appears one day at the beach and soon after a strange chain of events start to occur.  Quite the glutton, Pip tends to eat a good number of things and can almost be though of as spoiled. 

Pip himself is a drake, one of several siblings and seems quite adept at getting mischeif and trouble started.  Its unknown if he is a good guy, a bad guy, or if he has any personal alteriors, but it is known that he has been assigned a task by some higher authorities and while its quite obvious he doesnt particularly favour the job, he is set out to do it.

Appearing in and out of the planes of exsistance at whimsy, its beleived Pip, being of a draconic nature, is capable of traveling to the Odd-plane, a dimension whereas all draconic beings exsist outside of normal mainstream dimensions away from other creatures.  Due to this, its unknown if the dragons left due to persecution, or if they were just being snobbish.

Unable to talk vocally, Pips mental capacity is quite extraordinary and he's quite intelligent not to mention able to carry out a diverse array of magical abilities.  He also seems to hold a bit of a dislike to Elementals, but that might be something instinctual.  All in all, Pip seems to have a alot of answers to many questions...but fat chance he'll ever tell them unless its in his best interest to do so.  After all, he's under orders, whatever those be.

(SIDE NOTE:  Please note that this version of Pip is NOT in accordance to the Pip of DMFA but is of a different story alltogether.  In the scheme of things, Pip is to me like Cid is to Final Fantasy.  He exsists in both.)
Known affiliates:

Pictures of Pip by Me:
Done in the year of 2004
Pi(m)P: A silly picture of Pip and a play on his name.  Who's da playah? Pip is!

Done in the year 2002

Turkey: Its Pip! And he's eating turkey!  Little drake-glutton.
Old Profile: Another old profile, this one with stats

Done in the year 2001 and earlier
Family: Pip and his ENTIRE family....not exactly the most normal group.
Playboy: 20,000 hits marker, starring the cutest drake ever!
Pip:  A headshot of Pip
Pip:  Graffiti vandels attack with a nice Pip image.
IRL Pip:  Made this myself. :p
Old Profile: the old profile image of Pip

Pictures of Pip by Others:
Mewgal: Tuuuuuuuuuuurkeeeeeeeey! XD
PipRock: Another pic I forgot the name of who drew it.  I gotta stop doing that. ;-;
Pip1, Pip 2:   Both by the talanted Pearl
Unknown: An old pip gift, but I forgot who drew it for me. X_X
Kittytrainer: A cute lil Pip given to me by kittytrainer.  :3
Tim: A 3d rendered Pip!  Oooooh...so shiney.....and cute!
Hydina: Pip being adorable as always.
Tavorna: Two of Pip's Siblings!  Arent they keen? :D
"Kii kii ki....(oh to hell with this.  Just get over here now!)  -Pip"