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Name: Repteal
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Species: Undefined Reptile
Nicknames: None
Occupation: Assasin, Dark Mage, Student, Homocidal Genius
Favorite Colour: Black
Favorite Food: Seafood
Likes: Misery, Her weapons, Mind Games, Pain and Suffering, Chaos, Challanges, Her friends and favorite enemies.
Dislikes: Losing, Laziness, Most anyone and Anything
Special Abilities: Dark Magic, Illusions, Camoflauge, Various...
Best Trait: Intelligent and Confident
Worst Trait: Pure Sadistic Cruelty
General Bio:  Repteal
Not much is known about Repteal.  Her past is a mystery, but its known she appeared sometime a few years ago and nothing but misery has been left in her wake.  Currently she is a level 4 dark mage at the Acadamies and is at the top of her class. (a few others getting too close are still missing for some reason...)

A master of status spells, Repteal actually enjoys mind games and crushing her foes wills rather than just blowing them into the ground with a spell.  Not too fond of guns, Repteal does keep a set with her but often prefers a large ornate scythe called "Deathscythe" whos origins are almost as much a mystery as her.  Together they have done many things most people only write about in horror slasher movies.

Despite her evil actions, Repteal displays a strength and confidence that is admirable to even her enemies and even holds an air of sensualness.  She currently has a casual friendship with the demon Thorganthicus and carries on in a relaxed matter.  Often hired for her professional skills, Repteal is the master of what she does.  Holding no regrets, if she sets her mind to something, there is nothing to hold her from it. 

Repteal takes a sort of sadistic pleasure in watching the discomfort and unhappiness in others for her own amusement, and is often known to toy around with victems for months on end.  To her, its a matter of style over the simple act.

No one is really sure what her current intentions are as Repteals priorities change at her whimsy.  All in all, most know better than to cross paths with her as her name is well known in all the Acadamies for one reason or other...
Known Affiliates:

Thorganthicus and Lilithin

Pictures of Repteal done by Me:

Done in the year 2005
Clue Scarlet: Clue series...cause really...is there any better choice for Ms. Scarlet?
Belted: Just me playing with Repteal's outfit design and failing miserable. Wee.

Done in the year 2004
Game: Ahhh...nothing like the options in a dating RPG...

Done in the year 2003
Coming Atcha: Repteal saying hello...or goodbye...with Deathscythe.
Cast Off: Just a simple picture of Repteal in the library practicing some sort of spell.
Wacky Duo: Rather abstract of Repteal and Deathscythe, but kinda funny...kinda...

Done in year 2002
Its Repteal: Indeed.  Just making sure I can still draw her...though her outits a bit wonky.
Show Down1: Repteal and Scott's character Amy Scales in a rooftop face-off.  Repteal seems amsused.
Twisted Illusion: Repteal casting off one of her spells, the twisted illusion.
War Games: Repteal and Tim's char Kris doing some mission games...seems like someone isnt being too serious in the game.
Dress: I drew it based off of Ragga's outfit.  Deathsythe looks so shiney!
Old Profile: Another old profile, this one with stats

Done in year 2001 and earlier
Just because: Simple pose, added a shiney effect and Katakana symbols for her name.
Peeping Tom: Drawn via request, Repteal in a fanservice...though not to happy at the photographer....
Pencil Pose: A pic done of Repteal and Deathscythe coloured in pencil.
Serenity: Nothing like her, I just drew itfor the heck of it. (her hair is fun to draw)
Demonbucks: Repteal and Tethys(a friends char) hanging out at the local cafe.
Mystique Repteal: Repteal dressed up as Mystique from Xmen.
Abstract: I dont know what I was thinking when I made this.
Evening Gown: Repteal (and Deathscythe) in evening attire.
Nightsky: One of my first attempts at Repteal/Deathscythe. Fear the suck.
Street:   Dressed in normal clothes, Repteal leaning on a post
Firing:   Putting use to her pistols against the images from the "mirror of horrors"
Repteal/MOW:  Repteal doesnt like cute much, dont know why she is dressed in that.
Darkstalker: Repteal dressed up as the seductive Morrigan from Darkstalkers.  Seems to suit her. 
Old Profile: The old profile image of Repteal.

Pictures of Repteal done by Others:
Ebonstar: Repteal in an action pose!  I need to draw more action poses...
Jessica Jones: Greatest...gift-art....EVAH!  (kittie!  Pain!)
Rebecca: Rebecca once again with a dazzling pic of Repteal and Deathscythe.
Kynthia: Repteal overlooking a city with Deathscythe, done by Kynthia.
Ryle: Its in black and white, but its just that good!  Ryle has a wonderful sense of linework.
Keith Evans: Done in an art exchange, its almost surreal but still rather nifty. Thanks!
Tim: Repteal on the rooftops with Deathscythe in tow.
Meg: A keen picture by Meg who I had the fun of doing an art exchange with.
Ragga: A spiffy suprise I got in my email. I love that outfit she's wearing in this one.
Pearl:   A nifty picture of Repteal and Deathscythe by Pearl.  ^_^
Girlie: A picture of Repteal looking nice for a change, drawn by Girlie.
Tim: His half of the local cafe picture, of Repteal and Tethys.
Bladewing: A great pic by Bladewing of Repteal in the heat of battle. (no pun intended)
Peeping Tom(pt 2): Tailsteaks half of the Repteal fanservice thing.  Hehee... :3
"Well you could just die, but then it wouldnt be fun for me.  -Repteal"