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SphinxMT and the Mow! Name: Sphinxmt
Age: 5
Gender: Female
Species: Sphinx
Nicknames: None
Occuption: Site Mascot
Favorite Colour: Gold
Favorite Food: "nummy food!"
Likes: Attention, shinies, yarn, tummy rubs, riddles, squeakies
Dislikes: Mows, and kids who pull on her tail or hair
Special Abilities: Unknown, though chances are she's got a few tricks up her paws.
Best trait: Playful
Worst trait: Childish
Name: Mab-O-Wisp
Age: unknown
Gender: unspecified
Species:   Mow
Nicknames: None
Occuption:   Site Mascot
Favorite Colour:   unspecified
Favorite Food:   Everything
Likes:   Everything
Dislikes: Nothing
Special Abilities: Indestrucable
Best trait: Cute and fluffy
Worst trait: Dim as a box of cotton swabs and resembles one too.
Sphinxmt and Mow
General Bio: Sphinxmt and Mow
Sphinxmt started off as the star of this site actually back when Mab's Land was a free-geocities site with /sphinxmt as its surname.  Originally the site was going to be a shrine to Amber's favorite mythical creature the sphinx...but she got lazy and that fell through and later became Mab's Land.  However it is a known thing that characters never die, they simply become revamped, and sphinxmt found her new home as mascot.

The mows on the other side were originally designed off of Mab as a joke, and due to the suprising amount of popularity they were given, later on were made into mascots as well.  Which goes to show you how sometimes a joke is the thing that people seem to latch onto the most.

Sphinxmt's age is based on the site's age, though Amber draws her as an adult.  It is also a running gag that she is never really drawn the same way twice and overtime has been getting tanner and tanner. It is also a wonder what the MT stands for...but that seems to be a mystery thing.  A sphinx has to have their riddles I suppose.

The mows, a creature that used to be Mab's ability to turn into a "indestructable ball of fuzz", are basically what they look like, hungry lil bright eyed cuties who like to eat fabrics.  They are undamagable to any attack, but in the same time, other than eating clothes and "buzzing" which is a form of them latching onto you and flapping their wings giving that funny buzzy feeling, they are incapable of any real attacks themselves.  They have really no IQ to speak of, most of their mind is set of meeping, mrring, and hugging/eating things.

Between the two, they run about Mab's Land and are the set guardians of it, making sure people behave, links are  correct, and people dont steal Ambers art cause its really annoying.  And despite the mows tendancy to want to latch onto Sphinxmt's all the time, the two get along pretty well...as long as the mows dont try to huggle.
Known affiliates:

Pai Gon
Pictures of Sphinxmt by Me:

Done in the year 2005
BaiBai Wuvs: A funky styled picture of Sphinxmt and the Mow moving on. Done as a good-bye image.

Done in the year 2004
Fan Rules: The calling cards of when something has become famous.
Sphinxers: Silly little image of Sphinxmt in yet another wacky style.  Cute good fun.

Done in the year 2003
Jesters: I like Jesters, and so I dressed Sphinxmt and a mow up in harlequinn costumes.
404: A funny lil 404 not found image I made for the fun of it.  Trends are good.

Done in the year 2002

Sphinxmt Naked:   Sphinxmt without her shirt on.  Whoo baby. :P
Old Profile: Another old profile of Sphinxmt and the Mow, with stats.

Done in the year 2001 and earlie
Moon Sphinx: New design, a sphinx sitting on a flare lit shore...I like this pic for its eye candy.
Begging: Sphinxmt being as cute as she can be in order to get her way. Cavity inducing!
Sphinxmt 1: Trying a new face look and testing out designs....
Riddle: Another fiddling with Sphinxmt's design.
Original Mow
: The first Mow design...pretty funky compared to the lil fluff of nowadays.
Original Profile: The old profile of Sphinxmt...with mow.
Old Header
:  The old Splash Page header for Mab's Land.

Pictures of Sphinxmt by Others:
TigressMoon: Sphinxmt in a nifty foreshortened pose.  Very good fun.
3dMow: The Mows are now in 3d!  Save your selves! End of world!!
Ryle: Mow crossing.  I want this road-sign.
:  Sphinxmt and the Teddy Bear Twitch!  Cute cute!  And possibly the most lovely clouds ever!
:  Bellamy's part of an art trade, the ever cute Sphinxmt in an adorable style.
:  A duo pic of the two main mascots.  The mow is so adorable. *shiney eyes*
:   A ultra-closeup shot of the mows.  Oober nifty.
:  A suprise gift from Ryo who emailed me a cute lil Sphinxmt image. Thanks Ryo!
: A sweet lil Sphinxmt flying upward done in pencils. :3
:  A cute Sphinxmt (and Mow!) pic done by Larita. ;3
Sphinxmt sitting back relaxing, done by Tasha (aka: kittiekatzlover)
:  Sphinxmt looking very dazzling in a splending picture by Chalipo, I love this pic.  ^_^
:  The funky funky mow horror...
:  .......Mows and Algebra dont mix too well..and they wonder why I'm bad at math....O_o
"Meep, Mrr...and all that fluffy fuzz stuff!  -Sphinxmt"