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Name: Thorganthicus
Age: 20(thousand)
Gender: Male
Species: Demon
Nicknames: Thorg
Occupation: Dark Magi Student
Favorite Colour: Green
Favorite Food: Coffee
Likes: Music, Soft Things, Reading, His Axe, Friends and Family
Dislikes: Self-Righteous People, Insults to his Pride, His Father, Getting Photographed
Special Abilities: Dark Magic, Teleportion, Various Unknown...
Best Trait: Honourable
Worst Trait: Incredibly Neutral
Name: Lilithin
Age: 3(16 in imp)
Gender: Female
Species: Imp
Nicknames: Little Lil, Lil, Impster
Occupation: Being and Imp
Favorite Colour: Yellow
Favorite Food: Anxiety
Likes: Mischeif, Trouble, Feathers, Shinies, Sweets, Pickles
Dislikes: Getting busted, Dogs, Lemons, Cruelty
Special Abilities: Partial Invisibility and can cast a tiny fire spell..
Best Trait: Curious
Worst Trait: Troublemaker
Lilithin *chitter-mrrrr*
General Bio: Lilithin
Lilithin is an imp.  And as all imps in this continuity go, she lives off of confusion, mischeif and a little bit of chaos.  She doesnt really want to hurt anybody, but if you're missing your car keys and are late for an important meeting, chances are she or one of her siblings are the culprit.

Lilithin herself lives at the Dark Acadamy and is often seen snagging cookies away from Thorganthicus, who doesnt seem to mind.  Unlike other imps, Lilithin is capable of casting one tiny spell which she calls matches and is basically a 5 second little burst of flames no bigger than her.  However, if you are a creature of chaos, 5 seconds is pretty powerful.

Being less than a foot tall, Lilithin is pretty light and theoretically shouldnt even be able to fly with her tiny wings and gigantic feet, but like all imps, they are confusing little creatures.  Lilithin comes from a moderate family all of whom have lived at the Acadamies due to their rich abundance in emotional feedback.

Living a carefree exsistance is fun, and Lilithin enjoys herself immensly.  While imps are considered the pests of the dark acadamy like most people think of pigeons, they also hold the most abundant amount of secrets and information which they are more than glad to use when the situation is righ for it.  Such is the life of an imp.
General Profile: Thorganthicus
Its quite uncommon for a creature such as Thorganthicus to attend an Acadamy, and being the reputation of his species, Thorganthicus tends to get special treatment by them.  There being no real word for Thor's kind, the closest comparison could be "Demon" from their appearance, though they have no religious significance thats known.  Thorganthicus hails from a plane that most beings only can think of and its shrouded in almost as much mystery as the fabled Dragon plane.

Demons being one of the few creatures with an exceedingly long life-span, Thorganthicus is currently around 20 thousand, yet is considered still young by his kind.  His family  and story is generally untalked of, but it is known Thorganthicus holds high respect for his mom, a large red being called Graskall.  Its also known that Thorganthicus has a father who remarried and a younger sister, but it seems that that relationship is a bit strained due to Thorganthicus refusing to talk about it and brooding for hours afterwards.

Highly honourable, Thorganthicus pertains a level of fairness usually rare as a dark mage student.  Both powerful and skilled, he is easily one of the top members of his class as not many dare challenging a being who's skin can already deflect most weapons.  Thorganthicus is known to use a bejewelled battle axe given to him by Graskall though he tends to not bother with most weapons and uses his brute strength most often.

A friend of Repteal, he is often seen when he's not about (to where is anyones guess) sitting at the courtyard with her and using his extra hand located on his tail to balance Lilithin on.
Known affiliates:

Art by Me:
Done in the year 2005
Thorganthicus: One day I will draw Thorganthicus the same way....one daaaaaay...

Done in the year 2004
Flamie: A random Lilithin doodle with some flamie sparkle effects added.
Thorg Blue: Is he dancing? Is he balancing?  Or is it just a generic pose?  Who knows.

Done in the year 2003
Glee: Lilithin being all gleeful in a happy Impy fashion.  Much joy! Much joy!
Graskall Pose: A simple crouching pose of Graskall. Bit by bit I seem to be getting consistant with her.
Tiki Dance: Fear Lilithins dance of Tiki!  And watch as I still cant draw Thorganthicus consistantly!

Done in year 2002
Happy Face: Graskall isnt too happy to see ya.....
Buisness Proposition: Did this for my Illustration 2 class on a Mac.  How buisness-themed!
Matches: Lilithin casting her only spell.  A tiny fire spell she calls "Matches"
Bleh: This was the bad result of a time when I had no clue about muscle anatomy.
Dark Obelisk: Thorganthicus casting one of his spells: Dark Obelisk.
Fishy Lil: Not a religious slam, just a slam to argueing trends and fads.
Graskal Demure: Revamped Thor's mom to give her a more refined look.  Birdy!
Agitated: Thorganthicus a bit revamped with his axe looking a bit peeved.
Old Profile: Another old profile, this one with stats

Done in year 2001 and earlier

Night shift: An attempt at a side shot...a failed attempt at a side shot.
Sister/Father: Thorganthicus's sister and father in a duo-shot.
Siblings: Lilithin and her 4 siblings in a cute pic.
Younger: Thorganthicus and Graskall back when Thor was a child...
Motherly Lecture: Thorganthicus and Graskall in an odd family moment.
Lady D: I'm sure she has a lot of secrets about her...
Thor with axe: Thorganthicus dressed more formal and with a big axe.
Social Engagement: One of the first drawings of Thorganthicus with Repteal.
Key Snatcher: Lilithin causing some trouble....
Graskall: As a demon ages, they get more horns and spines...first attempt at Graskall.
Old Profile Thor: The old profile image for Thorganthicus
Old Profile Lil: The old profile image of Lilithin

Art by Others:
Ryle: Thor mad!  Grrr!  Fear Ryle's good good art!
Murtagoy_luva: Drawn by a nice girl on Neopets, I think its a cute lil Lilithin Chibi. :3
"Beh. You scream like a little girl...look rather like one too.  -Thorganthicus"

"I like pickles when they go crunchy crunch.  -Lilithin"