Take me Back!
Making first contact...kinda.
So I'm guessing by clicking this link you are wanting to email me.  Thats cool.  Maybe you want to say nice things, maybe you want to say angry things. Maybe you want me to link you or to link to me or to ask for something.  Still cool.  But I figured before I do, I'd put up a quick list in case of things.

1: If you are asking if you can link to my site, the answer is yes. I don't know why you need to ask permission, I'm a big attention glutton. (mwa ha ha) but feel free to email afterwards to link me if you want me to see. I do like seeing other peoples sites.

2: If you are asking if I will link you, keep in mind that of all the pages, links are hardly EVER updated.  Not because I don't like other sites, I just get tired after updating the art pages and other things that links and their buttons and such slip my mind more often than not.

3:  If you are emailing because you think I am a cool person and want to become friends with me, you're probably going to be disapointed.  I'm terrible at responding to emails as is, and I already end up spending hours responding to emails as is, and I don't have the time to chitter chat about my favorite subjects or other small talk means.  Don't get me wrong, you can still email and I might respond back, but please don't take it badly if I don't.  Its never anything wrong with you, I just can't handle writing so many emails all the time.  If I had my way, I would.

4: If you are sending me gift art,
DO NOT SEND BIG ATTACHMENTS!! I stress this one a lot because it happens more than I like.  NEVER send BMP files to me.  If you're image is over 200KB, then it either should be the internet equivalent of the sistene chapel or its too freaking huge.  I only get so much space in my inbox, and when I get 2MG files, it makes me reeeeally miffed.  If you don't know what KB or MB are...don't send the image.  Please.  Spare me.

5: If you are asking for art..... Requests: I rarely do them unless I'm in a VERY good mood and not busy or you have a character that totally catches my interest.  Feel free to try, but theres a high risk I won't respond.  Exchanges:  It varies as well.  There are a few times when I'd rather do a request than an exchange simply because I hate being tied down to a task.  Commisions: You'd have to email asking about that. I don't do flat rate commisions.

6: If you are asking for porn:  Heeheeheehee!

So there you have it, feel free to email me at:
P.S.  Yes I hate not letting people just copy-paste or clicking on it to link, but spam sucks moreso and ya gotta do what ya gotta do.  Hence why I've tried to keep the email relatively easy to remember.... ^_^''