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Amber's Rantings: November 22, 2008

"Many years ago, there was an update. And it was good."

Been a crazy year.  I have little doubt this little section of the internet has been forgotten, and fair enough so. I haven't really been keeping up to date on anything for a bit.

Part of it's DMFA. It's really hard to juggle two sites at once, especially when one is a comic that constantly devours updates.  It's left me not as much time for side-content.

Another part is that I felt I had to update each update here with a bunch of stuff. I have decided that will no longer be the case. If I get something done, I am just going to update it right then.

A lot of stuff needs overhauling. I already trimmed some of the deadweight from the site.  Odds are other sections will be getting upgrades as time permits.

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