Take Me Home!
Artist's Notes:

Deathscythe is the main non-gun based weapon of Repteal.  No one really knows where she got it from...but then again nobody knows where Repteal is from either.

The unique design often reminds many of a bird at first glance.  When they look closer, they notice the details and note that it does resemble a bird, from the feather pattern near the blade to the taloned feet at the bottom of the pole.  About then they might notice the large red eye following them.....

It is soon discovered that Deathscythe is in fact a sentiant object, capable of reason and thought...at least to some extent.  While it doesn't seem to actually have a will of its own but rather reflects the thoughts of its owner, its actions can sometime be considered done without special instruction.  The metal it is made of actually has the ability to shift and morph, giving it the capability of taking on any weapons form:  from a sword to dagger to even a bow with arrows.

However, by the law of physics, Deathscythe can change its form with only what it has, meaning it cannot shrink or grow past the parts it has. (so it couldnt shrink into a ring to wear then poof into something bigger)  But it CAN break off into smaller pieces, each with its own sensory function that relays back the the main "brain" (the red eye).  So it could split a small piece of itself off and shape it into a ring for someone to wear.  It should be noted though that the large eye cannot be broken, and that while Deathscythe seems to be indestructable, upon the defeat of its owner it goes dormant giving a person a chance to separate it into pieces.  In fact...it is rumoured that Repteal was the one who re-assembled all the pieces after searching multiple dimensions and galaxies for the scattered remains.

There is another rumour that there was once a companion scythe, which has been unscientifically dubbed "Lightscythe" (since no one really bothers much to name things.) According to some legends, it was once believed that the scythes belonged to some of the most powerful beings in the dimensionverse and were created by the most powerful one of all.

However that is just a legend...right.

Pictures of Deathscythe done by Me:

Buqua/Direlamyl: The scythes original owners, the gods Buqua and Direlamyl.
Noid: Deathscythe in his humanoid form...almost like an armor really.
Scythes:  Headshots of Lightscythe and Deathscythe to show differences.
Avian:  Deathscythe in his avian form.

Pictures of Deathscythe done by others:
Tim: A cute SD Deathscythe and Repteal.  :3
Tim-Buqua:  Tim drawing another of my characters better than me.  Some say Buqua is the god of Dark magic itself and Deathscythe was his weapon....