Take me Back!
Leggo my Mikelo.

Aka:  Opposites attract?
What is Mikelo D?

I doubt even he knows.

Art by me:
Done in the year 2005:
Obelisk: Shiny shiny shiny...

Done in the year 2003:
Quaint: Mikelo doesnt seem to share D's enthusiasm in many respects.
Gotcha: D and his tendancy to jump out of shadows is not something Mikelo is fond of.
Card: Drawn from a suggestion, Mikelo and D sharing a card. Flat colouring and all.

Done in the year 2002 and earlier

Meadow Contemplations: Reflections with oneself...
Saturday Night: Its hard having a night on the town when you have someone that resembles you.
In Darkness' Embrace: Hush....
Za?: If this is Mikelo himself in D form or D I'm unsure.  My first attempt at drawing that form.

Art by others:
Orochi:  D being...well...D-ish.  Also comes in pretty monochrome colour!
Super-cuteness strikes again! Eeee I love this pic. :3
"Loyalties? You ask about loyalities now?  Pshaw.  Loyalties are a mindgame of their own right and I owe that priveledge alone to myself and you...who is myself in the end.  So hence my loyalties lie...   - Mikelo D"