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Name: Mikelo Turratel (Get it? Turtle? Lol!)

Age: Around 19

Birthdate: Unknown

Gender: Male

Species: Unknown (Chimera?)

Nicknames: Mik, Mikky,  "turtledove"

Occupation: Student,  None

Major(if applicable): Healing, Fire

Favorite Colour: Blue

Favorite Food:   Oreos

Special Abilities: Conversion, Healing, Fire

Best trait: Caring

Worst trait: Naive as all heck
General Bio: Mikelo
When asked about his past, Mikelo will get some form of misty far-away look as if trying to pinpoint the exact place he should start talking about.  While unsure about his origin or species, he claims to have been raised by an elderly hermit lady who was convinced he was some sort of magical pixie sent by the faerie queen to keep her company.(to which he'll sheepishly admit the lady at times was a bit eccentric)  However when he turned "16" she claimed it was time for him to refind his pixie kingdom.  So he had set off not knowing exactly what to expect.

Since then it seems life has been one chaotic event after another.

Even if his claim of origin is false, it does seem Mikelo has a very naive outlook on the world.  He has a very difficult time understanding most social interractions and lacks a lot of knowledge some would take for granted.  Despite this Mikelo tends to have a hopeful and optimistic outlook on life and everyone in general...which often means he is easily duped and gullible.  How he has managed not to snap and become yet another disenchanted bitter soul is a mystery.

Physical Aspect:
Mikelo's true species is slightly unknown...but the mix of feathers, hair, and scales seems to have most people guessing he was the offspring of a reptile/avian combination(While not impossible, very rare.)  He does possess a high regeneration rate and a higher immunity to most illness/toxins...however the after-result is sever fatigue.  Also if Mikelo is exposed to cold temperatures for an extended period of time he'll slip into hibernation.  His wings are currently rather useless due to lack of use which means at most he can shakily glide.

Funky Fun Facts:
The blush-tint on Mikelo's cheeks are partially a marking quirk and not really a blush. However if it gets pointed out it turns into a blush rather quickly.
Mikelo's shell-front for the most part is soft and bendable. However if frightened or stressed it becomes more rigid.
Mikelo has a severe dislike of centepedes or things with squiggly tentacles.
Mikelo has a tendancy of waking up in a different place despite no sign of sleep-walking.
Known affiliates:


Pictures of Mikelo by Me:
Done in the year 2005
Clue: Mikelo as the absent-minded professor Plum...and rope.  Mikelo fails at rope.
Pool War: Mikelo, Seka, and Indigo at a club as Seka tries to show Mikelo how to play a round of elemental pool.

Done in the year 2004
Game: First encountering Mikelo tends to get this reaction a lot.
Shell/Wings: A rough figure to show how Mikelo's wings and shell layout works.
Healing Wand: Mikelo with a rarely used wand about to practice a spell.  Static shot.
Shazarelamith's Embrace: Experiment in style, and a bit of dramatizing to boot.

Done in the year 2003
Chinese Ghost: Mikelo all dressed up in a costume for no other reason than it amuses me.
Higher Learning: Mikelo and Pezagayote practicing some sort of classroom lecture.
Cookie Hoarde: Fear the Mikelo, bane of all cookies!
Mik-Mik: Fun with fashions and shiney magic displays.  Definetly a funky look.
Clopinesque: Felt like having Mikelo cosplay up as one of my fav. Disney characters.
Muskateer: Starting off a silly historic series, Mikelo as an old-fashioned Musketeer. Whee!
Bebe: The return of baby Mikelo!  Fear the cute evil in all its ankle-biting glory!

Done in year 2002:
Fashion VIctim: This is why Amber should never be allowed to design outfits for guys...
Nice wings: A silly crossover with Mikelo and Spug's character Ernie Pup. Poor Mik.
Demonbucks2: Mikelo and Tim's char Bassis at the crossover coffee shop.
Coochie Coo: Pink asked me to draw her with Baby was too cute to resist.
Jhonen: I was feeling a little Zimmish when I made this one.  New styles are fun!
In the Hall: Mikelo dressed casual at the Light Acadamy as he's leaving a class.
Marker Headshot: Just a quick headshot of Mikelo done in marker for the heck of it.
Cosplay PSO: Airshaded Phantasy Star Online dress-up pic.  I have no life.  u_u''''
Anti: A funky "what if Mikelo and Repteal had switched personas pic.  Highlights and Lightscythes galore.
Fleeting: See Mikelo.  See Mikelo get hit on.  See Mikelo run.  Run Mikelo run.
Dire's Call: Mikelo casting Direlamyl's Call, a big white mage summon.
Casual: Mikelo street-style. I like the gloves...goofed on the basketball...but its still keen IMO.
Baby Mikelo: Issa baby Mikelo! Fear the cavity inducing cuteness!
Outfit One: Just me testing out some outfit designs for Mikelo.
SpellCasting: Inspired by the art Tim did of Mikelo, I tried to do a similar cast spell. And failed!

Done in year 2001 and earlier:
Origin vs Originality: Back when I was whiny about how everyone thought Mikelo as a ninja turtle.
Wintery: I was in a silly mood when I designed this.  But daggit...I like that tail warmer.
Wings: Mikelo in a revamped style, and me just making sure my wingstyle is up to par.
Link: I felt like dressing Mikelo as Link from Legend of Zelda.  It amused me at least.
Street: There was a time I tried to figure out Mikelo wearing jeans. Then I gave up.
Blades: This was a prototype of Mikelo's weapons design...I really should redraw them.
Bad Fanservice: One of my first renditions of Mikelo...he has never worn pink since.
Old Profile: The image from Mikelo's old profile image.

Pictures of Mikelo by Others:
Equidna: Full frontal Nudity! Course this would likely make Mikelo flustered anyways...
Night Bunny: Mikelo looking all buff with his book.  Night Bunny draws gud gud!
Lacy: Super-cute Mikelo headshot=happy me!
Pinku: A very lovely picture of Mikelo about to cast off one of his spells.
Ryle2: Ryles character giving poor Mikelo a hard time.  Hehehehe...
Pumpkin Queen: Done on an Oekaki, a cute lil stylized Mikelo and his fire spell!
Soshi2 and Hippie: Two more done by soshi,  gyah...I love these two.  Pretty....*hypnotised*
Mona: A funny yet welldone crossover between Mikelo and another Reptilian gal named Mona.
Soshi: Quite possibly one of the bestest pics I've gotten of Mikelo. Pritty!!!!
Ryle: One of the cutest pics of Mikelo I've gotten, he's just so happy looking. :3
Dragyn: This one is cute,  and it captures his confused expression well.
Kat: A cute gift-art by Kat.  I really like this one for some reason. ^_^'
Evion: Mikelo looking more like a bishounen.  Much thanks to Evion for this too cool pic.
Sarah: So cute...must not...huggle....resist...cute....thanks Sarah.  :3
Emilia: A cute lil mikelo with a scarf  from Emilia.  I like his face in this one...cuuuuute. :)
"Why is it when I wake up I'm never where I went to sleep?!  Aghhh!  -Mikelo"