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Name: Pearl Amco
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Species: Squid
Nicknames: Pearly
Occupation: Student, Pet store Attendant
Favorite Colour: Green
Favorite Food: Crabs
Likes: Reading, Flowers, Exploring, Family, Romance Novels
Dislikes: Land, Pollution, Crowds, Savagry, Loud noises
Special Abilities: Can produce an electric shock as well as project ink. Very strong and suction cups allow her to grip things well. Camoflauge.
Best Trait: Gentle and Kind
Worst Trait: Incredibly shy
General Bio:  Pearl
Pearl hails from a side dimension story that has little continuity with the rest.  Her society, the underwater kingdom of Cela'r, has long been at war with the topside world, who up until recent times, had considered the underwater species a lesser class of civilized beings thus not as important.  Tired of mistreatment and having spent many years prior attempting to engage in a civilized route, the sea kingdoms have now abandoned any hopes and have engaged in a battle with the land.

As for Pearl, her father, a general in the army, has had her family locate to the main city, which is hidden deep within the ocean enclaved in rocks so that no landside being can even comprehend its exact location.  Her younger brothers and her attend a school there and like any country at war, they still manage to experience normal life.

Pearl, not being the most "attractive" of creatures makes up for any lack of glamour with a warm yet compassionate personality that most beings find unable to be upset with.  Often quiet and shy, she tends to avoid direct spotlight and rather hides amongst her friends, and the fact she can change pigment to blend into surroundings is a bonus in that factor.

Due to some of her heritage, the two tentacles on her back are capable of giving a nasty shock if she is startled as well as shoot ink.  She rarely uses them though since her society has long given up fighting eachother in a common enemy.

Pearl finds the upside world fascinating and yet at the same time dangerous and threatening, so holds no delusions of wanting to visit. However she does enjoy looking at the strange creatures that make up topside as well as their items so whenever a ship has been captured and the prisoners are escorted, she is often there to take images of them that she keeps in an album.

The undersea beings have a major series of advantages to the topsiders, part of it being that unlike topside, they are less damaged themselves by attacking, whereas topisders should they attempt chemical attacks would likely poison themselves in the process.  And its beleived the underseas just might have some tricks up their sleeves to boot.
Known Affiliates:

Pictures of Pearl by Me:
Drawn in the year 2004
Mer-Vinci: A gift done for Vinci, with Pearl giving fashion tips. Starfish are so in this season!

Drawn in the year 2003
Reef: Pearl swimming through some kelp being her cute lil self.

Drawn in the year 2002
In The Coral: A recent upgrade to Pearls design. Her and Goo Goo amongst some coral.
Beach: Pearl topside enjoying a drink during sunset.  Started a chibi, but I liked it too much.
Peek-A-Boo: A silly pic I drew of Pearl looking into a submarine window.
Side-Swim: I should draw Pearl more often. Its her and Goo Goo(fish) from the side.
Old Profile: Another old profile, this one with stats.

Drawn in the year 2001 and earlier
"Check it out": Pearl and her two friends in her school's hallway between classes.
Ocean Sympathy: Pearl comforting Tethys(a character of Tim's) in a coral bed
First attempt: A pretty ucky first attempt when I was trying to first design Pearl.
Old Profile: the old profile image for Pearl.

Pictures of Pearl by Others:
Terminotaur: Pearl sitting on the bottom of the sea done in markers! *envies marker talents*
PixieFox: A cute lil chibi-like pic of Pearl.  Such a sweetie.
Sapien: Pearl in the ocean!  Interesting take on her head, mored squidish than what I do.
Robin: A gift from a fan named Robin.  The background is cute, very bubbly.
Tim: Pearl and Tethys Dancing.  Tim's response to my Pearl/Tethys pic basically.
"Oh!  I was holding it the entire time with tentacle 5! Silly me!  -Pearl"