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Name: Pai Gon
Age: Not Known
Gender: Female
Species: Censory Panda
Nicknames: PG
Occupation: Censorship Panda
Favorite Colour: Blue
Favorite Food: Cotton Candy
Likes: Order, Respect for Rules, Gardening, her family(she'll never admit that though)
Dislikes: Family reunions, Perverts, Flamers 'l337 haxx0rz', Disco
Special Abilities: Wherever she is, the area becomes PG rated.
Best Trait: Strong-willed
Worst Trait: Short-tempered
Pai Gon
General Profile: Pai Gon
Pai Gon gets her own page cause PG is where Amber tends to draw most of her stuff at(and admittedly, she was the first panda and Ambers favorite).  Started off as a slight joke of the "Panda faerie who hits people on the message board with her wand when they go past the PG rating of the board", Pai Gon and her sisters soon reached a bit of spotlight with the "Censor Panda" program.

Like hers sisters, Pai Gon's job is to basically tell people who go by what the site's rating is.  Unlike her other sisters, Pai Gon tends to have a harder time than most as PG ratings are often the thinnest line and Pai Gon is constantly having to stop people going out of the rating limit.

Due to this, Pai Gon tends to be a bit frazzled and overstressed, and is known to take out her authority on passing people who make it their job to try to push the lines as far as they can go.

Of the Panda sisters, Pai Gon is the second most powerful one, Gee being  the first. (cause when you're Gee, everything is safe)  Despite that, family events are hectic as Pai Gons older sisters Fa-Teen, Rebma and the infamous Lady X are often causing no ends of stress.  Unlike Gee, Pai Gon has come under the impression that if she is not there to try to stop it, that her ratings power will fall through.  Gee however being incredibly young, seems to be fully aware that all it takes is for her to be there and the ratings click.  Perhaps one day Pai Gon will figure it out, but it seems her sisters arent likely to tell her.

Pai Gons wand seems to have a personality of its own, and occasionally she is seen hanging out with a large blue ogre, though that is another story altogether. As for PG now, she's still out and about trying to make the net a better place and likely has many other projects in the future as she goes about smacking people for posting porn links on a kids site.
Known affiliates:

Pictures of Pai Gon by Me:

Done in the year 2003
Pencil v2: Another pencil picture of the infamous panda sisters.  Feel the family love.
Tentacles: This is why one should always be specific in requesting a panda and tentacles...
Back again: Just making sure I can still draw Pai Gon cause it was brought to my attention I didnt draw her enough. :p

Done in the year 2002

Fa-Teen: A dynamic image of Pai Gon's more vocal sibling Fa-Teen.  Whee!
Collaboration: This was actually drawn by Ryle, but coloured by me.  I love this pic.
Pai Gon 1/2: Fiddling with PG's outfit, I was going for the nice Ranma 1/2 style. :p
Old Profile: Another old profile image, this one with stats

Done in the year 2001 and earlier

Dazzling: I gave Pai Gon a slight makover in this pic...and tried a new colour style.
Sailor PG: Its what happens when your mind wanders at 2:00 AM....
Family Photo: (colored pencil=bad)  A groupshot of all the rating pandas.
:  The very first picture of Pai Gon, drawn a long while back (notice the change?)
Pai Gon
:  Another early rendition of Pai Gon
Ratings Violation: Pai Gon in action, the guy never saw it coming.
Old Profile: The old profile image of Pai Gon.

Pictures of Pai Gon By Others:
Michelle: A very cool take of the M panda Rebma done by Michelle. She's got anger issues.
Jessica: Hi-tech Pai-Gon!  One of the most detailed and interesting PG's I've ever recieved.
Equidna: With sisters like these, who needs enemies?  Done by the talanted Equidna.
Mewgal: All the panda sisters, in a cute image by Mewgal. Sugary goodness galore!
Rebecca: Another image done by Rebecca, this time of PG and her wand.  NIce. :)
Kimono: Pai-Gon wearing a kimono with the hirigana symbols of her name. Niftay!
Angst: Its Fa-Teen!  A crossover pic, full of angsty teens.  Way nifty.
Shawna: Its unfair when other artists draw my characters better than me.  Very pretty Pai-Gon pic.  *so envious*
Goth Kitty: Pai Gon looking way cool by Goth Kitty. 
Yoiko: Its Gee! The cute younger sister of Pai Gon. 
Tim Dawson:
Pai Gon and the Blue Ogre, the enforcers of the message board. ^_^
Mad Maxx: A lovely picture of Pai Gon and her wand.  :D
Tanysha: Pai Gon in a nifty serpent dress with gloves, done by Tanysha.
"Must....not....break own....rating....  -Pai Gon"